Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I become a poet?

The best advice for writing poetry is to read lots of poetry. Read everything you can get your hands on: contemporary and classic; Urdu and translation, formal and experimental. Read literary journals and magazines.

2. How can I get my poems published?

Start small. Everyone wants to publish a book, but you should be aware that most writers start their careers by submitting their work to literary magazines and journals, gaining recognition from editors, agents, and peers.

3. Where should I submit my poems?

Research is a key. Spend some time finding journals and magazines, online or in print.

4. Can I forward a sample of my poetry for your review?

If you would like an assessment of your poetry, you can send them to our community for evaluation.

5. Do you require writers for your team?

We are not currently hiring, but are always happy to hear from aspiring or experienced writers.

6. Will you be adding any other book or reading stuff to your website?

Yes, we are always looking at expanding our website and suggestions are welcome!