Dabistan E Khalid Nasr is the vision of Major ( R ) Khalid Nasr. It was created in 2015 at 114-A, Askari- 5, near Kama Chock, Lahore. It the Venue where Buzm E Khalid Nasr , Surraya Jabeen Readers Club, Surraya Jabeen Readers Room and Nasrulla Khan Thinkers Forum operates to promote literature.

Buzm E Khalid Nasr mainly arranges Mushairas for the Poets. Surraya Jabeen Readers Club arranges lectures / talk by guest speakers for its members. Surraya Jabeen Readers Room is the library for the thinkers & writers. Dr Sahanaz Muzammil is the Chief Patron of both Dabistan E Khalid Nasr and Surraya Jabeen Readers Club and Surraya Jabeen Readers Room.

Dr Shahnaz is also the President of Surraya Jabeen Readers Club. All the quarterly meetings of Surraya Jabeen Readers Club are presided by Dr Shahnaz Muzammil. Major ( R ) Khalid Nasr- Chairman Dabistan E Khalid Nasr opened ” Surraya Jabeen Readers Room and the Club in memory of his mother Surraya Jabeen – Writer and author of 6 books and ” Nasrulla Khan Thinkers Forum ” in memory of the father of his father Nasrulla Khan – A Thought Leader and a Bureaucrat who spread his wisdom through his words & acts.

All the forums mentioned above hold their quarterly meetings under the supervision of Dabistan E Khalid Nasr.